Kingston Stockade FC Makes Guest Appearance on NBC's 'Men in Blazers', FOX Sports Could Be Next

KINGSTON, N.Y. — It hasn't just been a great week for Kingston Stockade FC on the pitch. It's been a great one on the telly as well.

A few hours before Stockade managed its second win in two days on Sunday against Rhode Island Reds, a Stockade kit made an appearance on NBC's "Men in Blazers", which is a nationally televised show about the Premier League. The clip can be watched below:

Men in Blazers' Roger Bennett is a fan of lower-league soccer and is known to wear the jerseys of teams he supports.

Prior to the Men in Blazers appearance, Stockade FC actually got a mention on FOX Sports, via Rob Stone, although the video segment was focused on Hartford City FC. And Stone got Stockade's name wrong in the clip. The "Stockdale" mention is at 0:35 below ...

After hearing of Stone's gaffe, the Stockade social media team was quick to issue a friendly challenge to Stone, requesting that Stone wear Stockade gear on air if Kingston won the replay in Hartford ...

To his credit, Stone had no problem accepting the challenge ...

According to his Wikipedia page, Stone hails from Simsbury, Conn., which is 11 miles from Hartford. Meaning his allegiance to his local side is understandable, if not fully encouraged. Overall, it's great to see a broadcaster of his stature involved with NPSL and its regional clubs.

Of course, it will be even better to see said broadcaster wearing Stockade gear on-air next week.

Kingston plays at Hartford this Saturday, May 27 at 6 p.m. The club will be streaming the match on its Facebook page.

By Randy Kim, Kingston Stockade FC General Manager