We are KINGSTON STOCKADE FOOTBALL CLUB.   We are a men's semi-professional soccer club based in Kingston, NY.  We compete in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), which is in the 4th division of the US soccer pyramid.  Keep in touch by joining our email list below or by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Our 2019 season (our 4th season!) is just around the corner. Season Tickets are now on sale now. We hope to see you at our home opener on May 4th!

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For Behind-the-Scenes info:
Our club is a leader in the "open source soccer" movement – bringing transparency and data to the process of building lower level soccer clubs.  For a more behind-the-scenes look at our founding and club operations (finances, attendance, streaming, etc.), take a look at the following blog posts:

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Post #6: Pre-season 2018 Stockade FC going into 2018/Season #3 – Thoughts on the US Open Cup, Goal Setting, and the “So now what?” of Lower Division Soccer