Dear Fans, Go Vote for Your Favorite Stockade Players for 2017 All-NPSL Team!

By Randy Kim, Kingston Stockade FC General Manager

Kingston Stockade FC might have lost in the playoffs, but that doesn't mean we're completely out of the running when it comes to end-of-season glory.

On Thursday, the NPSL announced via Twitter that fan voting will be used to determine the league's "National Best XI" (a.k.a. "All-NPSL Team"), which is pretty awesome. You can click here to vote in the awards. Please note that voting is now open and only goes until this coming Sunday, July 30!

Now, naturally, we at Stockade FC encourage you to vote for the best players in the league overall. But we'd also like to make it as easy as possible for you to vote for as many of your favorite Stockade FC players as well. So with that in mind, we have listed all of our players below in the format the league is asking fans to submit names in their ballot ("Player/Club"). All you have to do is copy the Stockade player you'd like to vote for (make sure to include back-slash and team in the field), paste it into the corresponding field on the voting page, and then submit when you've picked all 11 players (1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 forwards).

And again, please pick the best players in the league. But if you happen to be of a mindset that the top 11 players in NPSL this season were all Stockade players ... well, that's completely fine with us. ;-)

(Note: Players are listed below in rough order of appearances coupled with minutes played for the 2017 season.)


Steve Skonieczny/Kingston Stockade FC (#1)
David Giddings/Kingston Stockade FC (#12)
TJ Zehner/Kingston Stockade FC (#0)

Jamal Lis-Simmons/Kingston Stockade FC (#17)
Juan Gatti/Kingston Stockade FC (#25)
Scott Zobre/Kingston Stockade FC (#22)
Matel Anasta/Kingston Stockade FC (#24)
Brandon Curtis/Kingston Stockade FC (#10)
Phil Barrett/Kingston Stockade FC (#20)
Tom Steigerwald/Kingston Stockade FC (#21)
Joe Bogart/Kingston Stockade FC (#14)
Kevin Kappock/Kingston Stockade FC (#2)

Matt Koziol/Kingston Stockade FC (#8)
Marco Kloster/Kingston Stockade FC (#33)
Ross Macklin/Kingston Stockade FC (#4)
Mikey Lanzetta/Kingston Stockade FC (#18)
Ernest Mitchell/Kingston Stockade FC (#6)
Josh Maley/Kingston Stockade FC (#28)
Mike Konicoff/Kingston Stockade FC (#16)
Eamonn Conway/Kingston Stockade FC (#29)

Pedro Espindola/Kingston Stockade FC (#13)
Eric Fortier/Kingston Stockade FC (#11)
Michael Creswick/Kingston Stockade FC (#9)
David Nkansah-Siriboe/Kingston Stockade FC (#3)
Bruce Jeter/Kingston Stockade FC (#23)
Victor Guirma/Kingston Stockade FC (#19)
Mike Corbi/Kingston Stockade FC (#7)